EnviroAssets provides services to minimize the pressures that energy volatility places on modern society by bringing energy efficiency and renewable energy technologies to American homes and businesses. Our solutions strengthen our clients economically, reduce emissions and increase energy security.


Residential and commercial buildings consume 40% of the energy and represent 40% of the carbon emissions in the United States. Building efficiency represents one of the easiest, most immediate and most cost effective ways to reduce carbon emissions while creating new jobs. With the application of new and existing technologies, buildings can be made up to 80% more efficient.

We implement today's Innovations in energy-efficient building envelopes, equipment, lighting, daylighting, and windows to maximize ROI, insulate our clients from energy volatility, and reduce carbon footprints.

Renewable Energy

In conjunction with energy efficiency, renewable and distributed energy technologies including photovoltaic, solar thermal, fuel cells, microturbines, advanced sensors and controls and combined heating, cooling, and power can radically transform the way business and residences use energy and relate to greenhouse gas emissions. Our whole business approach allows us to identify the best ROI, tangible and intangible, for renewable energy options.

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