This list of services is provided so that you quickly identify the offering that brought you to our web site. They are grouped to make them more accessible, but the value that we offer comes from the complementary nature of our competencies. For example, visual presentation is found under Information Technology, but it facilitates effective communication at public meetings and in the boardroom. Remediation is under Environmental Consulting and solar design and installation under Energy, but these assets let us pursue elite LEED certification on a Brownfields site with net-zero potential. Life cycle assessment and greenhouse gas accounting are both under Sustainability, but overlap each other and enhance each other’s impact and value.

Our goal is to provide effective, efficient, professional and inspirational assistance to our clients whatever the challenge may be. So please contact us and let us leverage our competencies to help you build long term brand equity and grow your business.


Environmental Consulting

• Investigation and remediation
• Due Diligence
• Liability estimation
• Litigation support and expert witness
• Project Management
• Community relations and outreach
• Cost recovery support
• Environmental forensics
• Hydrogeologic services



• Greenhouse Gas (GHG) Inventory and Reporting
• Greenhouse Gas Mitigation Plans
• Waste Audit and Reduction Strategy
• GHG, water, and ecological footprinting
• Life Cycle Assessment (LCA)
• LEED Certification
• Policy development and implementation
• Sustainability assessments and benchmarking
• Sustainability reporting
• Building shared commitment
• Change management



• Renewable energy sourcing/generation
• Energy audits and efficiency plans
• Comissioning


Information Technology

• Application development
• Database design and implementation
• GIS implementation
• Network support
• Visual presentation